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Dry Ice Blasting

The smarter way to cleaning electrical and delicate areas

Dry Ice Blasting

This brilliant new process cleans via thermal shock rather than traditional abrasive or chemical techniques. Dry ice blasting also creates ZERO waste as the dry ice pellets disappear on impact, meaning there is no blast media (grit/water/solvent) that needs to be captured more disposal. There is no grit left behind and there is no water in the process which could cause problems with electrical equipment.

In most cases the process uses recycled CO2, which makes it one of the most environmentally-friendly cleaning technologies available.

This can be critical in sensitive environments, and is being requested more and more by the EPA. Dry ice cleaning is particularly effective at cleaning metal surfaces of contaminants such as fire restoration work, and cleaning production equipment in industrial applications. The process also offers fantastic benefits in the cleaning of electrical circuit boards/switchboards etc.