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Floor Coating

We have the gear and the know-how to transform a working floor.

Floor Preparation and Coating


Most coating or sealing projects will have unique conditions and special requirements that must be evaluated to determine which methods will best meet the objectives. This will be determined on many things, including the substrate conditions, the owner’s requirements, material requirements and the application conditions.

We offer a range of concrete surface preparations starting at low level systems which include detergent, low pressure water blasting and acid etching, which is mostly used for the application of concrete sealers or thin filmed epoxy, urethane and acrylic coatings.

For High Build epoxy/urethane and other coatings between 250-1000µm thicknesses’ we offer diamond grinding. Better still we also have shot blasting units on our fleet which provide an excellent abrasive blasted surface. This method creates the perfect profile as a key for the selected coating, it is dust free and by far the quickest option.


Having completed many large and small projects in many Underground and surface mine workshops, off site warehouses and domestic properties, we have a vast amount of experience. From high chemical bunds, to large tank floors, we can cater for all of your needs


Safety is paramount, so when building a new or renovating an old workshop, warehouse or storage area, we can help design an area to suit, including demarcation safe walkways, storage and work areas. We will install emergency service and keep clear zones. Not only does this make it safe but also protects the surface from future wear and tear.

Floor coating and demarcation in mine