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The Key to our business is our Procoat Team


The Key to our business is our team

All local and all hardworking, experienced and loyal to the company. Procoat has a low turnover of staff which means we maintain long term site knowledge for all our customers, so once we get to know the plant we get an understanding of the area so we don’t need to rely on the host showing us every small job, taking up valuable time.

Headed by Vladimir Pomozov, our senior operations supervisor and complimented by a mix of experienced blasters, painters and labourers we can utilise the right personnel for the task.

All of our employees have extensive mine site experience and have all safely managed high risk tasks. They have understanding of risk management and completed most necessary inductions, high risk training and certifications required to perform their job.

We will always have one of our operators on the job certified with SW1, SW2 and SW3 and this person will act as an operator/supervisor unless it is required by the principle that we supply a stand-alone supervisor. In most cases a Procoat senior member will be needed for initial set up and periodically throughout the Job for QA and progression meetings.