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Mobile Sandblasting

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Mobile Sandblasting

For larger sandblasting work and items which cannot be easily transported, Procoat supplies a mobile service.
We have a couple of options:

Option 1

Mobile Blast Trucks with 400-500cfm air compressor and 6 cubic foot blast pot.

Ideal for the small, medium and large jobs. This machine will run a single gun at 105-120psi at the nozzle, extremely quick set up. Within 5 minutes of reaching the job site and completing a pre-start we can be operational. Ideal for structural works over a large area. Can efficiently reach up to 60 metres in length or 40 m vertically.

This is a single unit capable of carrying 3 tonne of garnet along with all the tools, barricade and signage as well as all the necessary PPE and consumables on Board.

Requires 2 personnel, one operator and one spotter. General Blasting would use approx. 150kg of blast media per hour.

Option 2

20 cubic foot blast pot and water separator with 900cfm air compressor

This unit is for the big jobs, tanks, floors, and any other areas where we can run two operators in the same space. This is not as light and nimble as the mobile truck but is still easy enough to move around when needed. The skid mounted Blast pot is hugely efficient when blasting large surface areas, boasting 120psi at both nozzles at the same time. Can efficiently reach over 60 metres in length and vertically

Requires 2 operators but only one spotter so long as both operators are visible for safety reasons, so it cuts costs on labour providing you with higher production rates at a better price.