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Specialist Coatings

More than just paint!

Specialist Coatings

Procoat don’t just paint!

There are many products out there, each suited to different purposes and budgets. We have affiliations with many different coatings manufacturers, but are not biased to any one product, we are committed to finding the right product and right system to suit each job.

Imatec Ceramic coatings

Industries face adverse environmental conditions that attack components and structures, resulting in compromised plant reliability, reduced safety and lost profits. Imatech Abrasion and Corrosion is a leader in delivering ceramic coatings that provide superior protection from corrosion, abrasion wear and chemical attack to both metal and concrete surfaces


In conjunction with Speedliner Mount Isa, Procoat can apply Speedliner!

Speedliner is a Poly Urea blend, designed as a coating for particularly fast wearing components, great for coating chutes, pipes, pump boxes, floats and tanks where there is high impact, abrasion or corrosion.

Boasting a tensile strength of up to 7500 psi and a tear strength of 1450 psi, it is the ideal products for those areas where paint will just not do.  Speedliner can, depending on the application replace the use of rubber, ceramic and UHB paint systems.