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Water Blasting

Professional High Pressure Water Blasting Services

Water Blasting

Option 1

3000psi electric Hot water pressure cleaner

This unit is for removing grease and build from areas that are not suited for High Pressure water jetting, running at 21 litres per minute and 80 degrees’ hot water this smaller machine has its uses and is a good general cleaner

Option 2

5000psi Cold water petrol pressure cleaner

Still running at 21 litres per minute this machine is great for medium sized jobs, this unit may not be able to remove hard set materials such as concrete, rust and rubber but is still an aggressive tool when running the rotating nozzle, comes with various lances and floor scrubbers. Is trailer mounted with a 2000 litre water storage capacity

Option 3

8000psi Cold Water Diesel Pressure cleaner

An excellent option for most big jobs, capable of blasting through most hard set mine build up and will attack the large rust and old flaking paint, some rubber liners and poly coatings. This machine is not an Ultra high water blaster so will not remove most industrial Paints or remove all rust but is a perfect machine to get the substrate in a condition for blasting and painting or to expose steelwork that needs repairs. Skid mounted unit.

Option 4

36000psi Ultra High Water Jetter

Our UHP Water jetter is an excellent machine to remove very hard build up, paints, rust and rubber linings.  This machine can remove extreme corrosion, high build paints, concrete and more.  UHP can be an alternative to dry grit blasting in areas where dust may be an issue, or for use in highly flammable areas such as fuel storage areas where sparks from a dry grit blaster could be hazardous.